Looking To RTech To Help Build A 21st Century Workforce

A lot has been said about the way technology has transformed the retail experience for consumers. From new apps to VR to new delivery methods, the way retailers interact with their customers is drastically different today than even five years ago. But in my role as RILA's vice president of government affairs handling workforce issues, I'm focused on how innovation in the industry has changed the way retailers interact with the people powering their organizations from the stores, through the supply chain and at headquarters.

New technologies have enabled new workforce trends across every business sector – the way people search, apply, and secure jobs is all changing drastically. It is up to companies to adapt and integrate components of these trends into their organizations to compete for top talent in this new economy. In addition, the rise of the platform and technology-based economy is challenging retailers to provide more flexible opportunities and find new ways of approaching the hiring process and constructing their workforce mix. 

In talking with HR executives from our retail member companies, they're increasingly investing in technologies to help them address their biggest challenges and exploring innovations that enable the future of work. 

To that end, RILA recently launched our first ever RTech HR Innovation Awards. The Awards call on solution providers dedicated to helping employers innovate in areas like delivery, portable benefits, staffing & hiring, payroll management, and shift sharing to apply. Submissions will be evaluated by top HR executives from RILA member companies and finalists will be chosen to present their technology before CHROs at RILA's Human Resources Leaders Council meeting in January 2019.

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