Alec Gefrides

Vice President, Internet of Things Group, General Manager, Retail Solutions Division

Alec Gefrides is vice president in the Internet of Things (IoT) Group and general manager of the Retail, Banking, Hospitality and Education Group at Intel Corporation. 

Gefrides has over 6 years of experience leading the team responsible for helping third-party brands and retailers use Intel's technology to better serve consumers. Before assuming his current role, Gefrides led the organization responsible for interfacing with the RBHE Customer base including the disciplines of marketing, engineering, and defining the silicon needs of RBHE.  

A 25+ year veteran at Intel, Gefrides joined the company in 1997, as a Market Development Engineer responsible for Flash Memory.   In 2000, Alec moved to the USA and has been fortunate to have worked in many different disciplines through his Intel career giving him a broad breath of experiences. 

Alec earned his bachelor’s degree in a Bio-Engineering, with a specialization in electronics from Texas A&M University.  He holds a patent for Device, system and method for configuration of wireless access point.

Alec Gefrides

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