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Voice of the Retail Industry in the Judiciary

The Retail Litigation Center (RLC) is the only membership organization dedicated to representing the retail industry in the judiciary. Directed by the chief legal officers of the country's leading retail companies, the RLC is the only organization dedicated to advocating for the industry's top priorities in the federal and state judiciary. Historically, the Retail Litigation Center has engaged in appellate advocacy – filing amicus briefs in more than 150 cases to date and building the successful litigation strategy that led to the US Supreme Court’s groundbreaking decision in South Dakota v. Wayfair. The RLC has added a new competency that will allow retail corporate counsel to work together to address the mass action litigation that plagues successful national retailers. No other organization serves this function for the retail industry.

Discover the Retail Litigation Center

The Retail Litigation Center engages in strategic initiatives that have driven high quality advocacy for retailers on issues of concern and produced extraordinary results. The work of the RLC in South Dakota v. Wayfair exemplifies the value creating results it has achieved for retailers. The new Defense Division provides an incomparable opportunity for retail corporate counsel to work together to help protect our companies by anticipating and understanding litigation trends.

Teresa Roseborough
  • EVP, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary
  • The Home Depot, INC.

Discover the Retail Litigation Center

Appellate Division

The Appellate Division helps to identify important litigation issues for the retail industry, as well as cases in which those issues may be effectively pursued. In addition, the Appellate Division may recommend counsel to write briefs for the RLC – currently, we file about 20 briefs per year totaling more than 150 to date.

Defense Division

The RLC Defense Division aims to help retail corporate counsel defend their companies from mass action litigation at the front end. The Defense Division is not focused on tort reform or convincing policy makers to change the litigation landscape; rather, we are dedicated to helping our members learn from each other and select outside counsel.

How to Get Involved

Retail Members get the opportunity to participate fully in the Appellate Division and the Defense Division. RLC Retail Member dues are based on annual revenue. Law firm members get unique opportunities to hear from and interact with the retail industry's legal leadership on the top litigation issues facing retailers today.

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