Conference Policies

Registration Eligibility

The Retail CEO Forum is open to CEOs of RILA’s retailer and product manufacturer members, and select non-member invitees. In addition, attending CEOs can request to bring a member of their senior team. If you qualify but have not received an invitation, you may request one by emailing

Spouse/Guest Program
RILA welcomes spouses/personal guests to participate in the CEO Forum at no additional cost. Spouses/personal guests are welcome at all CEO Forum educational sessions, networking and social events, and the special events designed specifically for spouses.

Service Providers
Service providers are the companies that provide goods or services to the retail industry for use by the company, their stores, or their distribution centers. Individuals from service supplier companies must contract in order to attend the conference. Contact for more information.


Registration Confirmations

All registrations will be confirmed, in writing, via email.


COVID-19 Statement

The Retail CEO Forum is a small group gathering of no more than 100 executives, and we therefore hope we can be together in person in January. But we understand that committing to an in-person event carries some uncertainty. If it is not possible or advisable to proceed in person, we will hold the Retail CEO Forum virtually. Register now with no risk.


Cancellations, Refunds, and Transfers

We understand the schedule demands of top executives, so register today knowing that, if your plans change, you will get a full refund through December 31, 2020. Cancellations received on or after January 1, 2021, are non-refundable.

All cancellations must be in writing. Applicable refunds will be refunded to the credit card(s) used. If a credit card was not used, RILA will issue a single refund check made out to the company. If you paid with a credit card, the money is refunded to this card. RILA will refund by check if the original payment was issued by check or wire transfer.

For more information, contact Kelly Foelber or 202-866-6739.


Special Needs

Please contact if you have any disabilities or dietary restrictions that require special accommodations.


Logo Disclaimer

RILA uses company logos of conference attendees in conference promotions. If you are registered for the Event and do not want your company logo used by RILA in conference promotions, please contact


Photo Disclaimer

Registration and attendance at, or participation in, RILA meetings, conferences and other related activities (collectively, “RILA Events”) constitutes an agreement by you, the registrant, to grant RILA the license to use and distribute  your image and/or voice in any photographs, videography, audio and/or video reproductions captured during RILA Events. RILA, its employees and/or other permitted 3rd parties may use your image and/or voice in print and electronic media, including but not limited to social media feeds (e.g., Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook), marketing campaigns, publications or other uses in furtherance of its mission and you agree to release RILA, its officers, directors, members, employees, vendors, and volunteers from any liability connected with such use. You also understand that by attending RILA Events, you grant RILA the right to use technology that may monitor or track your activities at such RILA Events (e.g., session attendance or exhibit booths visited) for the purposes of creating metrics to improve the attendee experience. 

You have the right to opt-out of the inclusion of any image, photography or audio/video recordings of you at RILA Event(s) as long as you notify RILA in writing by contacting


Use of Personal Information

RILA is committed to data privacy and protecting your Personal Contact Information. Your name, job title, company, and corporate mailing address are considered “Attendee Conference Information” and are required for all RILA event registrations and are subject to RILA’s Privacy Policy which can be found here. RILA uses Attendee Conference Information as follows:  
(i) on conference attendee roster(s) in both print and/or digital form including, but not limited to the conference website, conference mobile app, printed roster, and digital roster, which will include your name, job title, and company; your Personal Contact Information (i.e., your email address and corporate mailing address) may also be shared if you opt-in to doing so during the registration process.
(ii) for administering your participation in this Event which typically includes relaying information or changes about the Event content, logistics, lodging options, conference updates, speaker spotlights, and similar information related to your Event experience; 
(iii) with certain Event 3rd party service providers specifically engaged by RILA to assist in the conduct of the Event (e.g. housing bureau, mobile application provider, on-site security, transportation companies, etc.);  
(iv) if you register for or elect to participate in a sub-event managed or co-sponsored by 3rd parties other than or in addition to RILA, your attendee conference  information may be shared with such 3rd party(ies), and the treatment of such information is further subject to the privacy policies of such 3rd party(ies); and  
(v) with Conference Exhibitors and Sponsors of the Event, when you opt-in to sharing your Personal Contact Information. If you choose to opt-in to sharing your Personal Contact Information during the registration process, Exhibitors and Sponsors may provide you with pre- and post-event communications (via email and/or print mail. You may contact RILA at any time to change your Personal Contact Information sharing preferences. At no time will your phone number be shared with any Exhibitor or Sponsor.


Requirements for Online Registration

Invited retail and consumer product executives may register online
To get started, click the "Register Now!" button in the banner above. A RILA log-in is required for online registration. New and returning attendees, please note the following information regarding logins.

Returning Attendees
If you already have a RILA account, but can't remember your password, simple click here to request a new password. If an account for you exists in our system, we will send you a link to create a new password. However, if we cannot find an existing account for you, you will not receive a reset password email. Please create a new account or contact Kelly Foelber for help. 

First-Time Attendees
You will need a RILA log-in account to register. You can create a log-in account here. You will need to use the invited executive's corporate email address when creating the account. Please refrain from using other email addresses, including personal accounts. 

System Requirements for Online Registration
The online registration system works best with the most recent stable version of the Chrome browser. The online registration system also supports the most recent stable versions of Firefox, Safari (version 5 and up), and Opera. Internet explorer is not recommended, as the system will only work with Version 10 and up. Please email with questions.


Conference Disclaimer

This RILA Event (including Retail CEO Forum, LINK: Retail Supply Chain Conference, Retail Asset Protection Conference, and Retail Law Conference) has been organized by RILA and any applicable steering committees. The presentations solely reflect the views and opinions of the speaker(s) and/or the speaker(s)’s organization(s).  The presentations are for informational purposes and are being provided “AS-IS”.  RILA makes no representation or warranty that the content of the presentations are accurate or current for any particular purpose and RILA disclaims all liability for any and all damages claimed, directly or indirectly, from the use of presentation contents.