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How to Get CLE Credits & Prove Your Attendance

  • CLE credits were requested during registration, which allowed you to provide your bar number(s) and jurisdiction(s). If you are not sure whether you did so, or if you would like to add or update your bar info, please, please contact to do so at any time.
  • This year, we've made it easier than ever to track your attendance and earn CLE credits! When you arrive at a session, a staff member at the door will scan the QR code on your conference app to document your participation. If you depart early, a staff member will also check you out of the session. Be sure to download the app- check your conference emails for directions!

FAQs: Continuing Legal Education (CLE) Credits

If you have any additional questions during the conference, stop by the registration desk and a RILA staff member will be happy to assist you.

Q: What do I do if I was not scanned in for a session?

Please see a staff member at the conference as soon as you are able. After the conference, please email Anna Williamson (

Q: Which jurisdictions will give CLE for the conference and how many credits will I be awarded?

A: We request credit, apply reciprocity, or otherwise pursue credits in every jurisdiction requested by any attendee. Please see the chart below the FAQ for the most recent jurisdiction list. Attendees can be awarded up to 12.6 credits, including ethics and D&I/Elimination of bias credits in many jurisdictions.

Q: What sessions are eligible for CLE Credits?

A: We make every effort for our general sessions and presentation-style breakout sessions to be CLE-eligible in most jurisdictions. Conversational sessions like roundtables will generally be ineligible. This year, our first general session, “A View from the Department of Justice”, in addition to our three Roundtable sessions, are ineligible. Some states may not choose to approve all sessions- see the jurisdiction chart below for final credit numbers after the program has been approved.

Q: When/how will I receive my Certificate of Attendance?

A: You will receive a Certificate of Attendance by email after the conference. This could take several weeks depending on the approval status of the jurisdiction.

Q: How will my credits be calculated?

A: By the amount of credits approved by the jurisdiction(s) in which you are licensed and by the number of sessions you attend. Credit amounts varies by jurisdiction. See chart below for potential max credit amounts by jurisdiction, plus special credits available.

Q: How can I find out if the Conference staff has my bar information on file? What should I do if I don’t see my jurisdiction on the chart below?

A: Please reach out to Anna Williamson ( 

Approved CLE Jurisdiction Chart - as of 10/06/2022


Application Status

Credits Requested

Arizona Attorneys self-report their own CLEs 10.5, incl. 2 professional responsibility
Arkansas Pending Approval 10.5, incl. 1 ethics
California Available via reciprocity  10.5, incl. 1 ethics & 1 D&I
Connecticut Available via reciprocity  N/A
DC No MCLE requirement N/A
Florida Available via reciprocity  12.6, incl. 1.2 ethics & 1.2 elim. of bias
Georgia Approved 10.5, incl. 1 ethics
Illinois Pending Approval 10.5, incl. 1 ethics & 1 D&I
Kentucky Approved 10.5, incl. 1 ethics
Maine Pending Approval 10.5, incl. 1 ethics & 1 harrassment/discrimination
Maryland No MCLE requirement N/A
Massachusetts No MCLE requirement N/A
Minnesota Pending Approval 10.5, incl. 1 ethics & 1 elim. of bias
Missouri Approved 12.6, incl. 1.2 ethics
New Jersey Available via reciprocity  12.6, incl. 1.2 ethics & 1.2 elim. of bias
New York Available via reciprocity  12.6, incl. 1.2 ethics & 1.2 elim. of bias
North Carolina Pending Approval 10.5, incl. 1 ethics
Ohio Pending Approval 10.5, incl. 2 professional conduct hours
Oklahoma Approved 12.5, incl. 1 ethics
Oregon Pending Approval 10.5, incl. 1 ethics & 1 access to justice
Pennsylvania Auto-Approved 10.5, incl. 1 ethics
Rhode Island Approved 12 incl. 1 ethics
South Carolina Pending Approval 10.5, incl. 1 ethics
Tennessee Approved 10.5, incl. 2 dual credits
Texas Pending Approval 10.5, incl. 1 ethics
Virginia Pending Application 10.5, incl. 1 ethics
Washington Pending Approval 10.5, incl. 2 ethics
Wisconsin Pending Approval 10.5, incl. 1 ethics

NOTE: In many cases attendees will receive separate certificates of attendance for on demand viewing. Additionally, with on demand viewing, you will be able to view more hours than listed in many jurisdictions due to the availability of concurrent breakouts - for some states there is a separate course code to accommodate the extra hours, and for some it is simply noted on the certificate of attendance.

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