Zones & Experiences

In The Expo Experience

The Expo Experience is changing this year! We're bringing you four exploratory areas that are filled with experts, new ideas, and innovative technology. The hall will have a demo area, the Autonomous Zone, where we will showcase new autonomous technologies and solutions that are changing supply chains. There will be the Retail Innovation Center (RIC) Startup Showcase where startups within the supply chain industry will showcase their disruptive technologies alongside the LINK Live Lounge featuring IN HALL content focused on innovation within the supply chain.

There will also be two experience centers! Each center revolves around the way you want to network, either casually in the LINK@PLAY or in a more professional manner in the LINK@WORK.  Either grab a drink and play some yard games while networking in the LINK@PLAY or pull up a presentation on you tablet and break into a deeper dive presentation with a retail prospect. You won't want to miss all the fun networking and learning activities happening in the Expo Experience!
Retail Supply Chain Conference Zones and Expo

The Autonomous Zone

Driverless trucks and machinery are no longer sci-fi, it's today's reality. Learn about autonomous vehicles and how they're changing the work you do with live demos.

The Retail Innovation Center (RIC) Startup Showcase and the LINK Live Lounge

Peruse the latest supply chain technologies from the leading startup solution providers or take a seat and catch a micro-session on innovation within the supply chain at the LINK Live Lounge.

LINK Live Lounge

LINK Live Lounge will feature an education stage in the expo hall. You'll be able to attend quick hitting interviews with experts in innovation, supply chain, and technology.


LINK @ Play

LINK @ Play is an area for casual conversations while relaxing with a beverage and customers or prospects. Built with fun in mind, head to the LINK @ Play for some networking will help you relax all while engaging with peers. And who knows, there may be some adoptable friends that will stop by for a visit!

LINK @ Work

Looking for a bit more serious of a meeting and networking experience? LINK @ Work is your spot. With plenty of meeting arrangements for one-on-one or small group meetings, LINK @ Work provides attendees with the ability to focus and have a deep conversations around the industry or solutions most interested to them.