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The supply chain is no longer a straight line. Because of the cross-functional nature of retail operations, LINK sessions often touch on multiple themes and don’t fit neatly into a single box. This content guide can help you find relevant subjects that may be vital to your role and interests.

Retailer-Led Sessions

Launching Blockchain in Real Life with Walmart

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Six Years in Six Months: Navigating Parcel and Broader Transport Markets in the Post-COVID-19 Future

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Lessons Learned from Automating Best Buy’s Distribution Network

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Improving Safety and KPIswith Contactless Pick-Up and Delivery

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Modernizing Customer-Focused Fulfillment: 3 Lessons from H&M

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Building a Reverse Logistics Strategy That Differentiates and Increases Profitability


The Living Model: How Dollar General is Leveraging Digital Twin Technology for Continuous, Collaborative Supply Chain Improvement and Innovation

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Coast to Coast: What’s on the Horizon for America's Port Operations


How Petco Serves the Increasingly Digital Consumer

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Flexibility, Adaptability & People: Retailers Share Lessons Learned from a Perfect Storm

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Getting Gig-E with Best Buy and Last Mile by Car

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Unlocking the Black Box: How Vendor/Supplier Visibility Sharing Can Improve Performance and Customer Satisfaction (Featuring Coca-Cola and Meijer)

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Next Week, Next Day, Next Hour: How Retailers Are Meeting Ever-Increasing Customer Demands

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The Future of Work is Here Now: Strategies from Top Retailers

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Locating E-Commerce Fulfillment Close to the Customer: How Meijer is Delivering Immediacy

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Target’s Culture of Safety

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