• Sustainability Conference

    Sustainability Conference:

    Hubert Joly, CEO of Best Buy, gives 2014 keynote.
  • Sustainability Conference

    Sustainability Conference:

    RILA events bring sustainability professionals together.
  • Sustainability Conference

    Sustainability Conference:

    ​RILA’s Adam Siegel introduces the 2014 conference.
  • Sustainability Conference

    Sustainability Conference:

    An attendee and exhibitor discuss the latest solutions.

Sustainability Conference 2015

Save the Date!

Mark your calendar today for the Retail Sustainability Conference 2015, September 15 – 18, 2015 in Austin, TX!


Recap of the 2014 Event:

2014 Sustainability Conference General Session

Day Three Recap...

Day 3 rounded out the conference with two rounds of breakout sessions, a closing session with Forum for the Future on the Retail Horizons project, and the closing keynote on Challenging the Impossible with Todd Reichert and Cameron Robertson of AeroVelo, Inc.

Day Two Recap...

Jeffrey Hollender

Jeffrey Hollender
Co-Founder and Former Chief Executive of Seventh Generation

The second day of the conference opened with microsessions featuring Jeffrey Hollender, co-founder and former chief executive of Seventh Generation and Jason Clay, senior vice president at World Wildlife Fund.

Attendees were also able to take part in off-site activities, touring the 3M Innovation Center or Target Field, home of Major League Baseball’s Minnesota Twins.

Those opting to stay behind took part in one of two development workshops focused on either communicating the value of sustainability throughout an organization or innovation strategies for tackling sustainability problems using the “Mindspark” process, led by executives from Gap, Inc.

Arlene Birt

Arlene Birt
Visual Storyteller

Attendees returned to the Retail Horizon's project in the afternoon, followed by a series of breakout sessions focused on three main tracks - sustainability, environmental compliance and retail energy management.

Closing out Day Two were microsessions featuring Google's Julie Krueger, who spoke on the new realities of retail, and Visual Storyteller Arlene Birt who led a discussion on how to help audiences connect with sustainable initiatives.

Day One Recap...

Hubert Joly_115x173.jpg

Hubert Joly 
Chief Executive Officer, Best Buy

The 2014 Retail Sustainability Conference opened yesterday morning with a keynote address from Best Buy Chief Executive Officer, Hubert Joly, who focused on how Best Buy views sustainability as an essential business practice and his vision for the retailer's future.

Forum of the Future team members followed up the address with the unveiling of the Retail Horizons project, a year-long collaborative work designed to support the industry’s drive to sustainability. Retail Horizons provides retailers with the tools they need to take action to safeguard their future, protect our environment, and improve the lives of their customers, workers, and suppliers.

Retail Horizons
Attendees participated in group breakout sessions centered around the Retail Horizons toolkit, incorporating it with one of four future scenarios, and developing “future-proof” strategies for their own organizations.

Attendees also heard from Dara O'Rourke of GoodGuide; Suzanne Shelton of Shelton Group; Mario Chamorro of Make it Happy; Eli Stefanski of Business Innovation Factory; and Mike Vale of 3M Company in several short, high-energy, microsessions. These are based on a range of thought-provoking topics, allowing attendees to hear from leaders from inside and outside of the industry. 

The Exhibit Hall bustled with action throughout the evening Networking Reception, and those playing the Click Game are busy snapping photos to win some great prizes.

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