• Opening Keynote

    Opening Keynote:

    ​André Hawaux, EVP and COO of Dick's Sporting Goods will kick off the conference
  • Unbox Your Thinking

    Unbox Your Thinking:

    ​Join Michael Tchong as he explains “Ubertrends.”
  • Looking for Inspiration?

    Looking for Inspiration?:

    ​Don't miss the 2016 RILA Asset Protection Conference in Dallas!

Retail Asset Protection Conference 2016


​​​The retail landscape is a RIDDLE,

wrapped in a MYSTERY,

inside a CONUNDRUM.

It's a PUZZLE. Constantly shifting.

​And Asset Protection must shift with it. 

Get theWhole Picture at the 
Retail Asset Protection Conference:


Speaker Insights:


Read Amy Walter's outlook on the presidential election and what we can expect from Washington in 2016​ before she speaks at the conference.​​

Matsumoto headshot110x130.jpgDavid Matsumoto

Post-Conference Workshop:
Microexpressions: More Than Meets the Eye​​​

Building o​​ff
of his keynote presentation, Dr. David Matsumoto will lead a​ 3 hour workshop teaching participants how to evaluate truthfulness, assess credibility, detect deception and recognize how lies leak out through the face via involuntary "micro-expressions."

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