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Retail Asset Protection Conference 2017

Day 2 Recap of #RILAAP

"RILA is committed to helping retailers navigate industry transformation." — Jess Dankert, RILA's senior director, retail operations in opening address

Panel on Whole Community Preparedness for Evolving Threats and Hazards

Hannah Ubl, Gen Junkie, Research Nerd and Communication Wizard, BridgeWorks: The Generations People

In her session, "Generational BlindSpots: How to Communicate Across Generations," Hannah Ubl talked recruiting and retaining top talent, whether they be baby boomers, gen Xers, millennials, or gen Edge.

Cynthia Hetherington, President of the Hetherington Group

In a best practices discussion, Cynthia Hetherington shared tips on using the internet & social media to conduct asset protection investigations.

Dr. Lori Fridell, Associate Professor Criminology, University of South of Florida

Dr. Lori Fridell shared the science behind hidden biases and offered tips on how to make sure company asset protection practices are bias-free.

2017 (R)Tech Asset Protection Innovation Award Winners

1st place: Digital Safety USA

2nd place & Retailers Choice Awards: Profitect

3rd place: Wal-Mart Stores


Day 1 Recap of #RILAAP

RILA's Lisa LaBruno, SVP of Retail Operations, kicks off the first official day of our Retail Asset Protection Conference with a big THANK YOU to attendees and speakers.

"How do you embrace disruption? Make it a part of your business." — Richard Ashworth, President, Pharmacy & Retail Operations, Walgreen Co. in his opening keynote.

Ashworth also highlighted how the adoption of the total retail loss concept into the business has changed how Walgreens approaches asset protection. Learn more & access to our report on total retail loss here: bit.ly/2oYrszJ


Kimberly Overton, chief resource prosecutor, North Carolina Conference of District Attorneys, shared keys to effective communication. Main takeaway?

"To be effective at communication and be persuasive, you have to deliver info in the way your audience learns, not how you learn."





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