• 2016 Opening Keynote

    2016 Opening Keynote:

    ​​When weather kept DICK'​S CEO grounded, VP David Lund stepped in and knocked it out of the park!​
  • Retail Asset Protection Conference

    Retail Asset Protection Conference:

    ​​2016 attendees gather in the Exhibit Hall to see the latest solutions in asset protection.​
  • Retail Asset Protection Conference

    Retail Asset Protection Conference:

    ​Former FBI Agent ​Joe Navarro speaks on dangerous personalities in the retail workspace.
  • Retail Asset Protection Conference

    Retail Asset Protection Conference:

    ​​Congratulations to all 2016 Retail Innovation Award Winners! Profitect won 1st place and Retailer'​s Choice.
  • Retail Asset Protection Conference

    Retail Asset Protection Conference:

    ​​Thoughts captured during Walgreens open forum​ on Leadership and Development.

Retail Asset Protection Conference 2017

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​2016 Retail Asset Protection Conference Highlights
Last week, RILA hosted asset protection professionals from across the retail industry in Dallas, Texas for the 2016 Retail Asset Protection Conference. Equal parts networking and educational programming, the conference provided attendees unprecedented opportunities to connect with peers on the most pressing issues facing the industry today, learn about the innovative technologies transforming asset protection.​

Here are a few highlights and key takeaways from the 2016 conference:

  • In a general session titled "Unbox Your Thinking to Create Innovative Breakthroughs," Michael Tchong, founder of Social Revolution LLC, laid out all the latest cultural and business trends of today, making the case that in "riding trend waves" can help fuel innovation within an organization."The opportunity to innovate can come from anywhere," Tchong said.
  • R-CISC Research Director Wendy Nather broke down cybersecurity trends for 2016, including the latest technology criminals are using to take advantage of systems, and what organizations, specifically retailers, can do to combat it. Nather pointed to information sharing and employee training as keys to ensuring sensitive information is protected.
  • RILA's Sandy Kennedy opened the second day with brief remarks on the value of asset protection professionals to the larger retail community. In her words, asset protection represents the "leading edge of retail."
  • How good are you at detecting a lie? The average accuracy rate is around 54%, according to David Matsumoto. In his closing keynote, "Microexpressions: More Than Meets the Eye," Matsumoto put attendees to the test and in doing the industry proud, the audience was able to detect untruthfulness in four out of five videos shown. Still, he says on a whole security professionals need to do better in this area. He then laid out the top three most important skill sets regardless of profession: assessing credibility, identifying meaningful areas of exploration, and identifying how subjects react to difficult questions
  • Congratulations to this year's Retail AP Innovation Awards​ winners!
    • ​1st Place: Profitect 
    • 2nd Place: Clickit
    • 3rd Place: Prism Skylabs
    • Retailers Choice: Profitect

  • ​RetaiLPartners' Joe LaRocca moderated a panel featuring Lowe's Director of Investigations Dave Roberts, Gap Director of ORC Nelson Harrah and Petco Manager of Corporate LP Chance Bowlin, focusing on the current landscape and future challenges of ORC and major crimes.
  • ​President & Managing Director of ​RedLand Strategies​​ Michael Balboni shared with attendees leading practices in preparedness for an active shooter situation. In summing up the value of being properly trained for unexpected situations, Balboni said, "I can have someone hit a really hard tennis ball at me, but if I know it's coming I can handle it a lot better. Same thing applies here."


Save the Date: 

Don't miss the 2017 Retail Asset Protection Conference April 9-12 at the Hyatt Regency New Orleans
in New Orleans, Louisiana!​

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