RLC Priority Areas
Below are the areas on which the RLC aims to provide the unique perspective of the retail community, primarily before agencies or the appellate judiciary. Please share other areas that would benefit from the retail industry’s perspective. 

  • Retail: Erroneous decisions with a disproportionately adverse impact on the retail industry or in support retailers in cases where they are named as a party and the outcome negatively affects the retail community.  
  • U.S. Supreme Court: Any case before the highest court – either on certiorari or on the merits that could have a significant impact on retail. 
  • Labor & Employment: Decisions that would unfairly expand standards for employer liability on labor and/or employment related issues such as bargaining unit determinations and wage and hour issues. 
  • California: Decisions of the California courts – state or federal affecting retailers, such as employment challenges and California’s Private Attorney General Act developments. 
  • Class Action Litigation Structure: Decisions and cases in which lower courts have applied lax standards for class certification or that impermissibly limit the use of alternatives to the class action device, such as arbitration
  • Intellectual Property: Cases that unreasonably undermine the ability of retailers to source products widely.





Retail Litigation Center