Linking Digital Marketing to Physical Sales

In today’s digital marketing environment, retailers are challenged by how to spend their marketing dollars most effectively given the diversity of marketing channels. The fundamental problem is the difficulty in linking digital marketing to physical, in-store interactions and ultimately sales. Due to this challenge, retailers struggle to measure the full value of digital marketing and therefore cannot accurately identify the marketing attributes with the most impact. Retailers are looking for solutions to connect digital marketing with store visits and purchases – with high accuracy and workability.
The solution should emphasize and embrace a way for retailers to understand how their consumers are shopping digitally and its follow through to in-store purchases. In addition, seeing how instore customer experience shapes how individuals are shopping online. The solution should provide a low-cost mechanism for retailers to access and compare data to accurately make decisions on how to allocate funds to marketing channels. The function should also include the ability to track and understand the logic in which the consumer made its ultimate purchase decision.

Success Criteria

Retailer seek a solution that enables access to a ubiquitous model both digitally and physically. It should appeal to the customer base for usability, but still be effective to compare and acquire information on how individuals are making their purchases. Solutions will be evaluated on implanting the functionality and ability to make educated decisions using the solution. The solution should still give freedom to the customer and access all forms of marketing channels. It should address when and how the data will be available while complying with General Data Protection regulation, and ultimately should calculate or produce return on investment across the channels. See additional preferred criteria below:

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Submission Deadline:
September 30, 2018
Submission Contact:

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