3D Scanning to Enable Image Commerce

Retailers want to use AR and VR to engage consumers in image commerce. However, most retailers do not have an authoritative database for 3D product images and it is expensive and resource intensive to independently develop one. Retailers need highly accurate images that allow image recognition algorithms to distinguish between similar but distinct packaging, and to use those 3D images for AR and VR applications. Complicating matters are that new products are added to inventory at a rapid pace and product packaging often changes. 

Retailers are interested in a solution that allows them access to 3D images at a reasonable cost without requiring significant outlays to create and maintain a database for all existing and new products. Alternatively, retailers are open to creating databases if a technical solution reduces the costs to create and manage 3D assets.  Retailers are open to all solutions, but see potential in the creation of a universal database of 3D products and metadata attributes.  

Success Criteria

Retailers seek a solution that enables cost effective 3D image creation or access for use in AR and VR applications, and for image commerce.  Solutions will be evaluated based on the ease of providing either access and/or creation of 3D images.  Solutions should also enable seamless 3D image management and address 3D product metadata categories including lighting and lighting environment materials, exact dimensions, and tolerances.

A successful solution should also address any required scanning equipment, default file format, storage considerations, distribution considerations, usage rights and licensing considerations, and API integration.  Additionally, solutions should explain the economics of any newly proposed platforms and accompanying business models.

Additional Criteria

In addition to the above criteria, submitted ideas will be evaluated for the following:

•    Innovative: Is the idea new and unique for this application?
•    Retail Focused: Does this idea address specific retail related challenges? 
•    Scalable: Can this idea be scaled up to be used across all products?
•    Practical: Can this idea be implemented without significantly impeding ongoing business operations?

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Submission Deadline:
September 30, 2018
Submission Contact:

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