Thank You Retail Workers

The global pandemic has highlighted the importance of the retail workforce. Throughout the COVID-19 crisis retail workers have served on the frontlines to ensure families and communities have access to the products they need and want.  And behind the scenes, thousands of retail workers are solving unprecedented problems and delivering new ways of shopping to customers and communities during a pandemic.

The retail industry needs workplace laws that allow for retailers to invest in their people while maintaining the flexibility to react to ever changing customer demands and expectations.

RILA is working with stakeholders to redesign and pursue workforce policies and practices to help retailers utilize the gig economy and technology, compete with other industries for talent, and serve customers and communities well.

Discover How Retail invests in Talent

Retail is for Everyone

The retail industry prides itself on providing opportunities to people from all walks of life, at any stage in their career -#retailis4Everyone.

Retail Talent Pipeline

Explore activities that allow RILA members to connect to a diverse, skilled and innovative workforce.

Retail Opportunities

RILA recently surveyed our members to learn more about the opportunities for work and career advancement that exist in retail.

  • Retail Invests in People

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