Solid Waste

Outside of hazardous waste, there are many different types of waste that may be generated in retail operations that have some have requirements for handling and/or disposal. This includes food waste, office waste, paper, cardboard, tires, construction waste, medical waste and anything else that can no longer be used. Most regulations for non-hazardous solid waste is at the state or local levels and can include special handling, disposal bans or recycling requirements. This area also includes regulations for items that jurisdictions are trying to reduce or keep out of waste streams such as plastic bags. Retailers should know the constituents of their waste stream and develop management approaches to reduce the waste or divert it from landfills.

Visit the Retail Compliance Center's Retail Waste Report for a look at trends that are impacting waste and recycling in the U.S. such as China’s new waste policies (i.e., National Sword), and consumer trends in both shopping and in increased concerns about waste and U.S. policy trends.

Solid Waste Resources

Introductory Resources

Other Regulated Waste

Regulations for non-hazardous solid waste found in retail including municipal solid waste, food, medical waste, electronic waste, and more.

Store Operations

Regulatory areas for store operations including maintenance, hazardous materials, boilers, pest management, HVAC, consumer bags, and more.

Store Departments

Overview of environmental requirements that apply in different retail departments.

The Waste Landscape and Solutions for the Retail Industry

Provides retailers with information to help them navigate the complex issue of solid waste as they work to find solutions all along their supply chain to reduce and eliminate waste.

Detailed Regulatory Resources

Consumer Bag FAQ

The rapid increase in consumer bag legislation has led to varying requirements and specifications across the country

EPR Packaging Bills Introduced to States

An overview of recently introduced state EPR packaging legislation.

State Matrices

eWaste Matrix

Overview of state legislation with requirements for retailers on managing waste electronic products or ewaste.

Product Stewardship Matrix

Summary of state product bans, EPR and product stewardship legislation for products such as carpet, batteries, electronics, paint and more.

Consumer Bag Legislation Summary Matrix

Summary of consumer bag legislation by state and local jurisdictions, including bans, fees, and specifications for different kinds of allowable bags.

Fact Sheets

Beverage Container Deposit Legislation

Summary of state bottle deposit return legislation in the U.S.

California Organics Recycling Regulations

Summary of California Mandatory Organics Recycling Program (AB 1826) and trends in organics recycling across California’s local jurisdictions.

Mandatory Organics Recycling Regulations

Summary of state and local policies aimed at diverting commercially generated organic waste from landfills.

Mandatory Recycling and Disposal Bans Fact Sheet

Overview of state-level recycling regulations and commonly recycled materials such as paper, plastic, metal and glass.

Single-Use Plastic Packaging Reduction Laws

Summary of state-level single-use plastic packaging restrictions across the U.S.

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