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2018 Retail Energy Management Benchmarking Summary Report

Retail Energy Management Program 2018 benchmarking summary report Learn More

  • January 1, 2018

2018 Retail Sustainability Benchmarking Summary Report

Retail Sustainability Committee 2018 benchmarking summary report. Learn More

  • January 1, 2018

2018 Retail Responsible Sourcing Benchmarking Summary Report

Responsible Sourcing Committee 2018 benchmarking summary report. Learn More

Research Data
Retail Energy Management Report

Learn More

Research Data
Total Retail Loss Report

The report offers fresh thinking on how retailers not only define and measure retail losses but also the potential future role of practitioners. Learn More

Research Data
Mobile Point-of-Sale and Loss Prevention

This study identifies the challenges that emerging mobile POS systems present at each stage of the retail transaction. Learn More

Case Study
Lululemon Polybag Case Study

After a month pilot, Caroline Colt, Asst. Manager of a Lululemon store in Colorado successfully implemented a ground-up polybag recycling program. Learn More

Research Data
2018 Retail Ethics And Compliance Survey

To understand how retailers are navigating everyday challenges, RILA developed the first comprehensive retail ethics and compliance survey. Learn More

Research Data
Opportunities and Challenges for Engaging Merchants in AP

The report is designed to bring new insights, tools, and techniques to help the industry better tackle the stubborn problem of inventory loss. Learn More

Research Data
Delivering for the new customer

The report highlights the most effective ways a retailer can use digital technology to communicate its purpose and connect with customers in new ways. Learn More

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