Opportunities and Challenges for Engaging Merchants in AP

This unique study, commissioned by the RILA Asset Protection Leaders Council, is the latest in a series of strategic research projects designed to bring new insights, tools, and techniques to help the industry better tackle the stubborn problem of inventory loss.   

In this study, Nicole DeHoratius and Dragana Pajovic, from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, conducted face‐to‐face and phone interviews with 31 retail organizations and surveyed hundreds of retail buyers. Their findings point to a significant opportunity for greater collaboration between merchants and asset protection teams for the typical retailer. The study identifies several key strategies that can enable better collaboration. Importantly, the report shares some examples and results of effective collaboration already in action.   

RILA would like to thank the academics for their thought leadership as well as Checkpoint Systems and Ernst & Young for their support and continued commitment to helping retailers achieve operational excellence. And, finally, we thank the many retailers and product manufacturers that participated in the study.  


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