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  (R)Tech Asset Protection:
Innovation Awards

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(R)Tech is a new term that describes the confluence of retail and technology. An (R)Tech company embodies the strongest values of both industries – global and local, nimble and entrepreneurial – to delight profoundly empowered consumers. The term is meant to accelerate retail innovation and to invigorate retail's reputation with innovators.

(R)Tech Asset Protection: Innovation Awards showcase game-changing technology that mitigates total retail loss and recognizes visionary companies that are developing these solutions.

Award finalists are identified by an esteemed group of AP technology experts ahead of RILA's annual Retail AP Conference.  Winners are selected by conference attendees and announced from the general session stage at the conference. Award ​recipients receive industry recognition, press exposure, enhanced networking opportunities, and more!​

2017 Award Winners

1st Place - Digital Safety USA

"The exposure and prestige of winning the 2017 RILA Innovation Award opened many doors for Digital Safety (DiSa). As a result, DiSa has been engaged by retailers in Europe, North America and Latin America on implementing our solution."
-Adam Hartway, Chief Executive Officer, Digital Safety USA


Digital Safety offers Point-of-Sale Activation (PoSA) technology for "intelligent" products and single-scan UPC serialization for both "intelligent and non-intelligent" products. PoSA benefits include, but are not limited to, open sell of product which promotes increased sales, reduced shrink, elimination/reduction in cost from current theft deterrent solutions, reduction in returns fraud, promotes PI accuracy, and allows for true, non-assisted self-checkout options for the customer. 

2nd Place & Retailers' Choice - Profitect

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Profitect Shrink Forecasting Solution uses machine learning, pre-shrink indicators, and predictive modeling to analyze correlations between data patterns and store behaviors. Consistent results of 87% accuracy enable retailers to identify real-time ranking of which products and stores are "shrinking" thereby requiring an action to change the outcome.

 3rd Place - Wal-mart Stores, Inc.


Wal-Mart’s Project Redemption provides a chain wide view of in store and dotcom transactions for Walmart/Sam’s gift cards. The system allows for fast visualizations, focused on customer protection, fraud loss and business insights in one platform.