Diversity & Inclusion Leadership Model

Tool for retailers evaluate and optimize their D&I programs

The RILA Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Leadership Model is a tool for retailers to identify management practices that will drive corporate improvement. The Model does not cover every aspect of a D&I program. While not encompassing a comprehensive enterprise strategy, it includes four areas critical to a successful retail D&I program that have been identified by the RILA Diversity and Inclusion Leaders Council. These include: the Business Case; Organization-Wide Participation; Intentional Succession Planning; and Societal Impact.
As programs move from the Basic Level across the Model towards the Leading Level, they move from an ad hoc reactive approach to increasing recognition of the value of D&I, more strategic planning and the integration of D&I throughout the organization.
The RILA D&I Advisor is intended for retail companies that already have an existing D&I program. If your company does not have a current program or is just starting out, for example, your organization does not have an executive with responsibility for D&I, you may want to build out the basic building blocks of a D&I program before using this Leadership Model. [Add a resource here].
This model is based on the work of the RILA Diversity & Inclusion Initiative, a practitioner-let effort to help all retailers make progress in their D&I journey. The extensive content including observations and recommendations is powered by our strategic partner, Accenture.
To fully benefit from the Model, retailers can use the RILA Retail Advisor for Diversity & Inclusion. This free platform is based on the Model and helps retailers optimize their programs and improve performance with peer benchmarking, customized guidance, reporting, and goals. To learn more about the Advisor and start your D&I journey visit our website or register for free access to the Advisor. 
For more information about the Leadership model, contact Evan Armstrong at evan.armstrong@rila.org or Erin Hiatt at erin.hiatt@rila.org


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