RILA joins the Executive Committee of SCORe

RILA joins the Executive Committee of SCORe

Supply Chain Coalition for Optimization & Resilience (SCORe)

As an unprecedented level of congestion and inefficiency creates ongoing disruption in America’s supply chain.  RILA continues to work with the Biden administration to provide insight and solutions to alleviate existing bottlenecks.  We all know the reasons for the current disruptions – enormous demand, equipment displacements and shortages, and constrained capacity.  One issue that doesn’t make the headlines but is vitally important to functioning supply chain is enabling data sharing and interoperability to facilitate end-to-end visibility.

Acting on this need, RILA joined the Supply Chain Coalition for Optimization and Resilience (SCORe), as an executive committee member. SCORe’s mission is to develop a private sector-driven, non-regulatory alternative to addressing supply chain data sharing issues in early 2022.  It aims to increase the supply chain's transparency, capacity, efficiency, and resiliency. There are three critical components:
  1. forming a voluntary federal framework
  2. creating voluntary international standards, and
  3. generating a non-governmental, industry-driven portal as a clearinghouse for supply chain data, in which the private sector has a lead role in determining the appropriate, anonymized data to be shared, with whom it can be shared, and how it can be used.
In the interest of alleviating the impact of the supply chain crisis on the retail industry, RILA is excited to be a leading member of SCORe, working toward shared goals of tackling bottlenecks, enhancing predictive capabilities, and improving supply chain resiliency and visibility. We look forward to working with industry partners and leading retailers to make strides toward the end-to-end supply chain visibility and metrics necessary for the lightspeed supply chains of today and the future.    
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