Tiffin Shewmake

Tiffin Shewmake

Vice President, RILA and Executive Director, Retail Compliance Center

Tiffin Shewmake is RILA Vice President and the Executive Director of RILA’s Retail Compliance Center (RCC), a leading resource for environmental compliance and sustainability in the retail industry. Tiffin also leads the RCC’s Environmental Compliance Network, which provides a forum for retail environmental compliance executives to hear from experts and engage in peer-to-peer benchmarking on implementation, management, and oversight of retail federal and state environmental compliance programs.

Tiffin has over 25 years of experience focused on environmental compliance and sustainability. This includes supporting the federal government in Environmental Management Systems (EMS) implementation, sustainable operations, small business compliance, and hazardous waste site cost allocation. Tiffin also managed an international technical exchange program for wastewater engineers in Central Europe and a nonprofit focused on improving results for state environmental agencies. Tiffin has a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Syracuse University and a Master of Science degree in Information Systems from George Mason University.

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