Hana Greenberg

Hana Greenberg

Vice President, Tax

Greenberg brings extensive tax experience to the role. She joins RILA after serving more than six years with Representative Ron Kind, a member of the Ways and Means Committee, in various roles – including as his lead advisor on tax and other economic policy matters and most recently as his Chief of Staff. Prior to working for Rep. Kind, she worked in the private sector and spent four years working for Senator Chuck Schumer, primarily focused on his work on the Senate Finance Committee.

At RILA, Greenberg will drive leading retailers’ efforts to ensure a fairer tax code. She will play an integral role in advocating for the retail industry as negotiations move forward on the Democrats spending plan. 

“Leading retailers will be well served by having Hana Greenberg at the helm of RILA’s tax policy work,” said Austen Jensen, senior vice president of government affairs at RILA. “As Congress debates spending priorities, it is crucial policy makers understand how changes to tax policy will impact retailers, consumers and communities. Hana’s tax expertise and knowledge of how tax policy moves in Washington make her a forceful advocate for our members on such an important issue.”

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