Andrew Sousa

Andrew Sousa

Business Development and Innovation, UL

Andrew currently works at UL and focuses on Business Development and Innovation for the Retail Supply Chain business.  

As the senior director of environmental programs at the Retail Industry Leaders Association, Andrew co-led RILA’s Retail Compliance Center, a resource for the retail industry devoted to improving compliance and environmental sustainability through guidance, education, and innovation. In this capacity he developed the RILA Retail Advisor initiative, a new, data-driven platform which helps retailers benchmark and optimize their compliance programs and improve performance. In addition to his work with the Retail Compliance Center he led RILA’s Retail Environmental Compliance (REC) Committee and co-leads RILA’s Zero Waste Committee, professional communities that provide education, benchmarking and advocacy for RILA members.

With progressive experience in sustainability, environmental and retail compliance, Andrew has demonstrated a strategic acumen to ensure successful integration of applicable legislation, regulatory requirements and forward-looking policy. 

Prior to joining RILA, Andrew led the development and implementation of enterprise-wide compliance programs as a Senior Analyst with the Canadian Tire Corporation. In that role, he collaborated with internal stakeholders including merchandising, vendors, stores, supply chain, environmental stewardship and sustainability, as well as a number of external stakeholders and trade associations.

Andrew holds a Master of Science in Molecular Science and a Bachelor of Science in Applied Chemistry & Biology from Ryerson University (Toronto, Canada). He also has a number of industry certifications and accomplishments including the United Nations Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods (2016), International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code (2015), and the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (2015).

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