Press Releases

11/22/2013Retailers Urge Court to Direct Federal Reserve to Issue New Swipe Fee Rules Consistent with Durbin Amendment
11/12/2013Retailers Urge Supreme Court To Address Split Among Circuit Courts of Appeals
11/7/2013Retailers Urge Supreme Court to Protect Individual Arbitration Agreements
11/6/2013Retailers Urge Supreme Court to Restore Uniform Standards to Class Action Practices
11/6/2013Retailers Seek CA Court to Reject Unsupported Expansion of Obligation for Businesses to Purchase and Maintain AEDs
9/9/2013Hair Trigger Alleged at the EEOC
8/29/2013Retailers Urge Courts to Rein in EEOC
8/2/2013Retailers Urge Court to Repudiate Change in California Compensation Standards
6/11/2013Retailers Ask California Supreme Court to Restore Sanity to Minimum Wage Precedent
5/20/2013Retailers Urge Federal Circuit Court to Permanently Close Patent Lawsuit Loophole
5/14/2013Retailers Urge CA Supreme Court to Restore Role of Arbitration in Disputes
4/22/2013RLC Condemns Massachusetts Product Liability Decision
4/4/2013RLC Urges California Supreme Court to Overturn Lower Court Decision in Duran v. U.S. Bank
4/1/2013RLC Urges the U.S. Supreme Court to Grant Certiorari in Butler v. Sears
1/16/2013Retail Litigation Center Releases 2012 Annual Report, 2013 Priorities
1/14/2013RILA and RLC Urge NLRB to Overturn Macy's Micro Union Decision
11/1/2012A Touch of Class: Certification, Says One Brief, 'Is the Ballgame'
10/31/2012RLC Urges U.S. Supreme Court to Repudiate CAFA Circumvention Tactics
10/31/2012RLC Urges Supreme Court to Repair Circuit Split and Adopt Clear Standard for Employer Liability
10/26/2012RLC Urges PA Supreme COurt to Affirm Litigant's Due Process Rights
10/26/2012RLC Asks MA Supreme Court to Clarify Data Law
9/26/2012RLC Urges Supreme Court to Review Class Action Standards in FLSA Suits
8/24/2012RLC Urges Supreme Court to Overturn Class Action Standard
7/10/2012RLC Urges Supreme Court To Uphold First Sale Doctrine
6/14/2012RLC and RILA File Brief Urging NLRB to Overturn Retail Micro-Union Certification
5/14/2012Retail Litigation Center Elects New Board Member and President
5/1/2012RLC Urges Supreme Court to Review Medicare Overreach
11/9/2011RILA and the Retail Litigation Center Conclude Another Successful Retail Law Conference
11/8/2011RILA and the Retail Litigation Center Open Second Annual Retail Law Conference
11/9/2010RILA's Sandy Kennedy and JCPenney's Janet Dhillon Open Landmark Retail Law Conference
11/8/2010The Retail Industry Leaders Association and Retail Litigation Center Kick Off the First Ever Retail-Specific Law Conference
3/2/2010Leading Retail Association Launches First Ever Retail Litigation Center